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Located in the Rocky Mountains of North America, with an interest in global solutions, Barracuda Engineering prides itself on a "Mechatronics"  approach to every problem. From concept to commissioning, and from implementation to deconstruction, our strive for adaptive solutions is evident in every piece of equipment we design and every project we manage.   

Kurt Scott P.E.
Founder and Principal

Kurt Scott P.E. has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a registered Professional Engineer in the state of Idaho. Mr. Scott has (12) years of experience in engineering and design within a global base with project experience in Industrial Water Treatment, Lab Grade Water Treatment, Docks Water Treatment, Production Water Treatment, Solids Removal Water Treatment, Oil Water Separation, Soil Remediation, Water Reclamation, Hot Cell & Glovebox Design, Nuclear Shielding Window design, Robotic Welder Design, API Storage Tank Design, ASME Pressure Vessel Design, Aluminum Boat Manufacturing, and Robotic Prosthetic's

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