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Soil Remediation

Custom designed equipment and a advanced process design has resulted in a high quality solution for soil remediation. This technology is currently being implemented in multiple soil contamination sites around the world.

Water Reclamation

With the growing economy and the natural threat to water resources, water reclamation is a key focus. Implementing modular based construction has allowed us to provide site specific solutions to the growing concern caused by Agricultural Processes, Industrial Waste, Frac Water, and River Contamination. This is considered one of our specialty when measured by our global client base. 

Engineering & Design

With a keen understanding of energy balances and the laws of conservation, engineering is front and center of every project. Mathematical models provide the inputs to strategic systematic design. this approach along with CAD and Finite Element software allow us to reach a state of refinement and understanding prior to construction. This is the heart of our passion and the key to our global partnerships.

Project Management

With a large background in manufacturing and construction. All projects are offered a turn key solution from project cost estimation through quality control to site commissioning. We understand that a true solution involves more then sound engineering, but a complete understanding of culture concerns, politics, and environmental impact. 

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